Second Street Brewery opened its doors in December 1996 in Santa Fe, NM. Not only were we the first brewery within the city limits of Santa Fe, we were one of New Mexico’s “pre-millennial” operations.  Our objective: provide fresh beer to serve by the pint to a loyal, local clientele.  In addition, we wanted to provide just the right atmosphere and food to enjoy along with that pint.  Like many breweries that started in that same era, our business shouldn’t have worked; we were long on enthusiasm and belief in our mission, but short on business acumen and money – the things required for success.  Thanks to the continued support of our local customers we managed to overcome our challenges and grow.


By 2003, we had grown out of our small brewery and it was time to expand our business.  A new brewhouse was built next door and outfitted with a 10 BBL brewing system.  In 2004 the restaurant expanded into the old brewery footprint giving us the “Oldery”.  In 2010 we decided it was once again time to expand the business a bit more.  We opened a second restaurant in Santa Fe’s Railyard District to serve a slightly different audience, with the same objective: fresh beer, good food, in a comfortable atmosphere, giving us the “Newery”.  Both restaurants feature full dining, patio seating and live music several nights each week.  Six years after opening our Railyard location, it seems time to expand the business, yet again.  This expansion however, is focused primarily on beer.  We are excited to announce in early 2017 Second Street Brewery Rufina Tap Room/ Beer Hall will open.  This location will provide Second Street Brewery the ability to run a 20-barrel system which gives us the opportunity to not only serve our loyal, local clientele, but opens many new doors for distribution as well giving us the “cannery”.


As a customer, what do you need to know about Second Street Brewery? We are one of very few breweries in NM in which all of our serving staff is Cicerone Certified.  This means you can ask any of our servers / bartenders about our beer, our beer styles, how our beer is brewed, and they will respond with an intelligent answer to your question.  In 2015 we were voted Best of Santa Fe: Best Beer Brewed in Santa Fe, AND, Best Local Tap Room.  So the question is: why not come to Second Street Brewery?  We are centrally located throughout Santa Fe. We offer award winning beer, along with a comfortable atmosphere, and great food.  Our staff is not only comfortable talking about beer, but “certified” to chat with you about everything beer.


We are confident whatever atmosphere you are looking for: the local neighborhood bar; the tourist attraction that is convenient to everything downtown Santa Fe; the tap room/ beer hall that is the tap room Santa Fe locals have been waiting for, we’ve got you covered.  At Second Street Brewery, we are second in streets, but first in beer.